Criss Angel’s Planet Hollywood Cabinet Install

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Kitchen Cabinet Distributors had the pleasure of partnering with Criss Angel, American Magician and entrepreneur, on the design and install of his new cabinet system at Planet Hollywood. After moving his show, Mindfreak, from Luxor, the Angel team wanted to give the space a fresh look that suited Criss’ needs. 


Kitchen Cabinet Distributors designed the dressing room closet, drawers, makeup and hair station, meet and greet lounge, and bathroom using the Shaker Cabinet Line in a custom color of black to match the design aesthetic of Criss Angel’s new home at Planet Hollywood. The design process incorporates more than just the product, it should also include feeling and functionality. Does the design illustrate the company brand? Is it possible to customize the design to add character to the install? Dedicate focus on the company vision in order to highlight added value within the design.

  • Maintain the customer relationship before and after the sale with genuine interaction.
  • Include informed questions during the design consultation that provide insight into the customer’s vision for the entire room. 
  • Incorporate cabinet models, accessories, and room accents in your design that capture the heart of the customer’s vision. 
Shaker Espresso Criss Angel

Criss Angel’s love for his fans was considered when crafting a meet and greet area that would host the waves of magic enthusiasts that visit the star’s guest spaces. During Angel’s cabinet design process, we took his thought of having a warm and welcoming greeting area and translated it into a welcoming party lair fit for a king- The King of Magic.

Trends and industry standards evolve rapidly. Leaders in any industry act as thermostats that set the climate amongst their peers, and push the ceiling to the next level of greatness. Witnessing how Criss Angel’s show, Mindfreak, has embraced magic and the art of masterful illusions before pushing them to the next level inspired us at Kitchen Cabinet Distributors.

Magic has traditionally been confined to the live stage, but Angel rose to the challenge of maintaining the credibility of an illusionist while offering a presentation that modernizes the experience of his show. Criss Angel brings hard-hitting illusions both on-stage and on-screen, opening up his show to the masses in ways that his predecessors were unable to. #NoLimits

Kitchen Cabinet Distributors learned that behind Angel’s magic, passion, drive, and charm was a deeply rooted message of dedicated work ethic, instilled by the American magician’s father. Criss has attributed a large part of his business success to identifying his purpose. His commitment to delivering a fearless performance at every show is evident in the success of his Magic Empire. We hope that this magic master inspires you as much as he did our KCD team.

Check out Criss Angel’s show Mind Freak:

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