KCD Dealer Portal Training Videos

Follow our short Dealer Portal Video Guides to master using the KCD Dealer Portal. Watch sales grow and easily manage your orders with the new features and tools developed from customer feedback. Switch between cabinet lines with each, learn how to cancel and edit layouts, as well as expedite processing times with order accuracy checks. Each video is formatted with easy-to-follow instructions, in under three minutes.  

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KCD Dealer Portal Navigation

VIDEO 1 - 2m 08s

Increase speed and ease of use with our Dealer Portal Navigation Tutorial. We highlight the most commonly used functions and highlight workflows that are commonly used to process both high and low volume orders.

How To Order

VIDEO 2 - 2m 38s

Ordering is easy on the upgraded KCD Dealer Portal. With two common ordering methods, we have streamlined the process to allow you to get your orders processed faster.


VIDEO 3 - 3m 04s

Save time with the newly updated 'Layout' function. This video walks you through the basics of creating, editing and saving layouts within KCD's Dealer Portal and focuses on using layouts for rapid reorders and checkouts..

Approving Quotes

VIDEO 4 - 1m 17s

Have your orders been stuck, awaiting approval? Learn how to easily locate and approve quotes for a successful checkout in minutes.

FAQ DP Training KCD

KCD will only send login information to the main email on the account. Sharing your account login information is solely up to you.

Yes! You can now set up multiple login’s for various people in your organization. Each login will have their own cart but will have access to all the same ordering history and payment information.

Our web site is secure and follows industry standards and best practices around security. The login page is not behind a secure certificate (SSL), however after logging
in you will see that the following page is behind a secure certificate. The login page is safe as well, as password data is encrypted.

The reason you have to login to an unsecure site, is this is how the platform that we used to build our Dealer Portal is designed.

Double check your email and password were entered correctly. If you forgot your Password, click Forgot Password to reset it. In the Troubleshooting section above,
there are other tips on how to navigate through Login or other issues you encounter.

Open Quotes were a highly customized feature that caused glitches and bugs in our previous version. As part of the rebuilding process of the back-end, it was necessary to build a process that was more intuitive to our system.
Any Open Quotes entered prior to the upgrade will be converted into product lists and available under the Layouts section.

Unfortunately Modification are still not allowed on this version, but will be soon. If you have any modifications or assembly requests that need to be applied, simply put the instructions in the Assembly Notes section during Checkout. We will make the adjustments on our end and resend the order to you for approval.

Layouts are the best option for quoting something you’re not ready to submit. Layouts are basically product lists that can be submitted as many times as you’d like. Build a Layout, move the items to the cart, then follow the Checkout prompts to get pricing. No matter how many times you move a Layout to your cart, the list of products will always be available under Layouts.

We typically can make changes within 1 hour after an order is submitted. Changes requested after that are not permitted and may be subject to a $100 change fee.

We typically can make changes within 1 hour after an order is submitted. Changes requested after that are not permitted and may be subject to a $100 change fee.

Begin on the Product Detail pages to order if you don’t know the Item #’s. All of the product information will be displayed there for easy access.

While we have several methods used to order on the Dealer Portal, the ‘Quick Order’ option was designed for rapid order placement. Simply select ‘Quick Order’ from the product page and enter the SKU and quantity to proceed with the order.

Your existing username and password work for both the previous and current version of the Dealer Portal.

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